Waste Removal

Now when you ask the question, “Who’s turn is it to clean up the back yard?” you won’t get the groans you are used to.  You’ll get an enthusiastic, “It’s our turn!” from the staff at Green Pet Compost Company.

No one likes the chore and for good reason, horrible smell, dirty feet, plus the risk of catching something if you aren’t protected.  Let us do your dirty work.  One of our fully trained cleaners will get your yard back to spotless, fully disinfect all the  dirty spots and leave a “Doggie Report Card” behind to let you know if there is anything “irregular” about what the found.

If you would like we will also disinfect your deck or patio and take care of the litter box as well.

Each of our cleaners has had their background and driving record thoroughly checked, is fully  insured and arrives in a clearly marked Green Pet Compost Company truck in uniform.

Professionalism is our priority.

Weekly Pick Up and Composting, Spot Sanitizing, and “Doggie Report Card”

1 DOG 2 DOGS Each Additional Dog
$14.95 $18.95 +$2

Twice-weekly service available in some areas…