Pet Compost Company Expands to Seattle

Pet Compost Company Expands to Seattle

Green Pet Compost Company now offering sustainable pet waste removal services beyond Portland

Portland, Oregon, October 20, 2016: Because Seattle, like Portland, consistently ranks high in two categories – sustainability and pet friendliness – Green Pet Compost Company recognized the need to provide a sustainable disposal option for Seattle’s pet waste. That’s why they are now bringing its planet-saving, one-scoop-at-a-time pet waste removal service to the Seattle market.

After seven years of perfecting the pick-up and composting process, Green Pet, a Portland-based compost company, saw the time was right to bring its services to Seattle, since more than 125,000 dogs and 60,000 outdoor cats in Seattle alone produce about 50,000 pounds of pet waste per day. “We have had incredible word-of-mouth growth in Portland over the years and we feel that now is the time to make the investment in Seattle”, said Steve Dreiling, owner of Green Pet Compost Company.

Green Pet started with one crazy idea. What if there was a way to keep millions of pounds of the pet waste produced each year out of the nation’s landfills, and even better, out of the plastic bags everyone is so accustomed to using to deal with it? It turns out, there is a way, and Green Pet was born.

Since 2009, the compost company has hauled dog waste out of yards and disposed of kitty litter. But what makes them unique from other companies is what they do with that waste. Green Pet composts pet waste into safe, odor-free, and highly nutrient-rich yard compost, and supplies compostable cat litter as an alternative to the strip-mined, non-degradable clay kitty litter currently on the market.

Here’s how it works. Instead of ending up in a plastic bag in your trash, where it is preserved for decades, your pets’ waste heads to a compost facility on the Kitsap Peninsula where it is combined with carbon-rich sawdust in a $60,000 industrial composter and heated to over 150 degrees. This natural process kills all of the harmful pathogens and turns the mixture into yard compost. According to California-based Soil Control Laboratories, it’s one of the most nutrient-rich they have tested and has a near perfect 99% germination rate.

Green Pet sells the compost, both by the bag and in large deliveries, and also donates a large amount to civic and church organizations. Green Pet also offers a “bucket” service for clients who don’t mind cleaning up after their pooch or go on frequent walks and still want to help the environment: a 2- or 5- gallon bucket lined with a compostable corn starch liner, changed weekly.

New client sign-ups, both individual residences and doggie daycares, will begin immediately for Seattle metro and the Eastside and actual yard and kennel pick-ups will start 10/31.

Green Pet Compost Company has been dedicated to saving yards and the planet, one scoop at a time, since 2009. With over 10 million tons of pet waste entering U.S. landfills each year, and most of it preserved in non-biodegradable plastic, Green Pet provides sustainable pet waste removal services to residential and commercial clients by professionally composting everything collected to upcycle the pet waste into usable, quality compost. Serving greater Portland, OR and greater Gig Harbor, WA since its inception, Green Pet Compost Company will be expanding into the Seattle market immediately. Learn more at


Lance Donavan, Media Relations
Green Pet Compost Company