Our Services

The Pet Waste Facts:

  • The average dog’s output per day is 3/4 of a pound of waste.
  • Over the course of a year this equals 273.5 lbs of waste per dog.
  • With 74.8 Million dogs in the U.S., an astounding 10.2 Million Tons of waste is created a year.

Here’s where we come in…

We offer a variety of services that address the issues of pet waste collection and the effects of it on our environment.

Our services are completely customizable, so we can accommodate clients that want us to handle all of their pet waste needs and clients that don’t mind the messy clean up but want to do their part to help keep it out of our landfills.

We offer deck and patio sanitizing as well as litter box service, making us your Complete Pet Waste Removal Company.

Here is an overview of our pricing, please use the menu on the left for more information about each service.

Waste Composting

  • $6.45/week for a 2 gallon container
  • $7.95/week for a 5 gallon container

Yard Waste Pick Up and Composting

  • 1 dog: $14.95
  • 2 dogs: $18.95
  • $2 for each additional dog

Twice weekly service is an additional: $6

Deck Sanitizing

$5.20 per week

Litter Box Service

$12.95 per week

We also compost cat waste and litter. This service includes:

  • The weekly composting service
  • The compostable litter (up to 3 pounds per week)

Commercial Service

We also have a department that is dedicated to the needs of our Commercial Clients. Apartment and retirement communities, HOA’s, Parks and Public Space Organizations and pet friendly business all have pet waste disposal issues and we have plans that will help.