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Green Pet Compost Company — dedicated to making a difference

With over 10 Million Tons of pet waste entering our landfills each year, and most of it preserved in non-biodegradable plastic, we saw a real opportunity to provide a valued service to our clients and impact our environment at the same time.

We are not your ordinary “Pooper Scooper!”

  • We recycle and reuse that which no one else will.
  • We use only natural Earth-friendly products.
  • All of our collecting is done with 100% compostable collection bags
  • We professionally compost everything we collect to upcycle pet waste into a useful product while diverting it from our landfills.
  • We have invested over $80,000 in composting equipment and spent years perfecting the process of turning pet waste into usable quality compost.

Cleaning up after our pets is messy, but leaving it behind is irresponsible.

Our waste pick-up services as well as litter box service, make us your Complete Pet Waste Removal Company.

Our Services

Waste Pick-up and Composting

We pick up your pet’s waste/litter and take it away to our composter.
from $14.95 for 1 dog
to $22.95 for 4+ dogs

Composting 2 gallon

Compost only. We pick up your buckets of pet waste and take it to our composter.
$6.45 per week

Composting 5 gallon

Compost only. We pick up your buckets of pet waste and take it to our composter.
$7.75 per week

Litter Service

Our 2 gallon composting service PLUS 3 lbs of 100% compostable cat litter per week delivered to your door. We pick up your buckets of dirty cat litter and take it to our composter.
$14.95 per week

Commercial Services

Custom services designed just for commercial pet waste disposal…Doggy Day Cares, Pet Hotels, HOAs, Apartment Communities,etc. Give us a call for a quote.

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  • Green Pet colects pet waste from your yard
  • Deposits the waste into a sealed bulk container
  • The sealed bulk container is transported to our composting facility


  • We chop and mix just the right combination of waste material and carbon sources such as wood chips, sawdust and grass clippings (and those great compostable bags we are using!).
  • This process produces microbes that immediately start to break down the waste material.
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  • The product then cures for a period of 60-90 days
  • The finished product are fine, nitrogen-rich particles with the right moisture content, making it perfect for landscaping.