Litter Box Service

Cat waste is just as dangerous as dog waste and kitty litter is even worse for the environment.  Clay-based litter is already 95% broken down and will remain in our landfills forever; and don’t even get us started on the clay strip mining used to produce it.

We offer two different services for our cat-loving clients.

Standard Weekly Composting: $6.45 per week

This service is similar to our dog waste composting collection.  You supply your own litter (as long as it is any compostable type), scoop during the week into our collection container, then put it outside once a week for pick up and composting.  Everything can be composted together: litter, cat waste and the cornstarch liner, if you choose to use one (liner not provided).

Full Service Litter Box Program:  $12.95 per week

This service is the same as above except it includes 3 lbs of litter per week and a separate container to keep the extra litter in for daily refilling.