Commercial Services

The Details

Doggy day cares, pet hotels, HOAs, apartment communities, retirement communities, parks and public space organizations and pet friendly businesses all have pet waste disposal needs. Our basic commercial service provides weekly waste pick-up at $1.50/gallon. We provide you with one or more 17-gallon containers lined with compostable bags, changed out weekly, for you to use to deposit all of your pets’ waste. We can additionally provide 2-gallon or 5-gallon buckets for use in collecting waste in your facility, at no additional charge, provided that you purchase the compostable liners for use in the buckets. We invoice once a month, based on 4.333 weeks per month (52 weeks/12 months).

In conjunction with the beginning of service, we will make a site visit to ensure that the service we are providing fits the individual needs of your facility, that the details of our service are clear, and to answer any questions you might have.

Convenient Payment Options

We offer the following convenient monthly payment options:

  • A credit card on file for automatic payment
  • Payment by credit card via a link included on each invoice
  • Bank bill-pay
  • By check

A Retail Sales & Referral Opportunity

For our commercial clients with walk-in customers, we offer the option for you to resell our 9″ x 12″, 100% compostable, hand pick-up bags, and we give a discount for orders of quantities over 2000. The bags come in plain white boxes that you can label for your individual business, if you choose.

For your customers, it is important to note that these are 100% compostable bags, different from most “biodegradable” bags that are on the market. In addition, if your customers sign-up for residential service based on your referral, we will credit your account for an amount equal to two weeks of the residential customer’s service. We can make marketing materials available to you to help you promote Green Pet’s products and services.

Green Pet Compost Company is proud to be processing more than 10,000 lbs of pet waste per month, keeping it out of area landfills and our groundwater. We have the capacity to process more than double that amount at our current facility on Washington’s Kitsap Peninsula. We look forward to welcoming you to the Green Pet family – saving the planet, one scoop at a time!

Please contact us to discuss how we can customize a plan for your specific situation.

Our Services

Waste Pick-up and Composting

We pick up your pet waste and take it away to our composter.
from $14.95 for 1 dog
to $22.95 for 4+ dogs

Composting 2 gallon/5 gallon

Compost only. We pick up your buckets of pet waste and take it to our composter.
2 gallon – $6.45 per week
5 gallon – $7.75 per week

Litter Service

Our 2 gallon composting service PLUS 3 lbs of 100% compostable cat litter per week delivered to your door. We pick up your buckets of dirty cat litter and take it to our composter.
$14.95 per week

Commercial Services

Custom services designed just for commercial pet waste disposal…Doggy Day Cares, Pet Hotels, HOAs, Apartment Communities,etc. Give us a call for a quote.

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