A Company You Can Feel Good About
We started Green Pet Compost Company in 2009 with two main goals in mind:

We believe when you stay true to your principles, good things will naturally come…

What Sets Us Apart

What sets Green Pet apart from other pet waste removal companies is how we deal with the mess once it is collected.

  • Most companies just bag it up as usual and toss it into your garbage. This is fine if all you are looking for is a way to get out of cleaning the backyard, but we believe this misses the bigger issue.
  • The impact of 10 MILLION TONS of pet waste a year cannot be denied and the fact that is completely avoidable is what got Green Pet off the ground.
  • Provide a useful service that helps protect your family and at the same time positively impact our environment… We like the sound of that!

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing our clients a professional service and doing so in a way that remains consistent with our beliefs. We are also committed to protecting the environment as well as the animals that live in it by supporting companies that do just that.

We realize that how people perceive our company is based on their experience with our staff. That’s why we strive to hire only workers that are motivated, energetic, and enthusiastic about our cause. We foster a working environment that embodies our strong emphasis on customer service.

Above everything else we are committed to your satisfaction. We never have any contracts and you may cancel service at any time. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if your are not happy with the cleaning your received for any reason, just let us know and we will do it again for free.

Broadening our Services

We don’t plan on just cleaning a few yards and keeping a little waste out of our landfills. We offer our services in the greater Portland Oregon area, and along the I-5 corridor from Auburn to Gig Harbor, Washington.

We have already implemented the next phase of our business – packaging and distributing our 100% natural, chemical-free compost. It is currently available to our residential and commercial customers, along with on-line availability.

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How We Got Started

As far as a little history – where do we begin. In about 2009, the idea came to our very environmentally conscience daughter-in-law that there had to be SOME way to keep pet waste and its contaminates out of the environment. Thus the research began into the methods of composting that could handle the issue.

We spent the next 2 years working through the issues – not only of composting but of waste collection in an economical and environmental responsible way – and purchased the industrial composting equipment required to do the job in 2011. In 2013, we moved into our current facility on the Kitsap Peninsula. We have worked with the Washington Department of Ecology and the Tacoma/Pierce County Health Department to insure that our process is doing exactly what we say it is – turning the pet waste into a clean, pathogen and odor-free soil amendment. Our system is fully enclosed; from collection to completion, the waste is never open to the environment.

So far as we know, we are one of only two companies in the United States composting pet waste – and the only one using a completely enclosed vessel system. Portland has always been the focus of our business – where else are people so conscience of their impact on our environment? – until we opened up our route operation in the greater Seattle area in the fall or 2016. We look forward to continued growth, always keeping in mind that we are a family business with a real purpose in what we do.

Our Services

Waste Pick-up and Composting

We pick up your pet waste and take it away to our composter.
from $14.95 for 1 dog
to $22.95 for 4+ dogs

Composting 2 gallon/5 gallon

Compost only. We pick up your buckets of pet waste and take it to our composter.
2 gallon – $6.45 per week
5 gallon – $7.75 per week

Litter Service

Our 2 gallon composting service PLUS 3 lbs of 100% compostable cat litter per week delivered to your door. We pick up your buckets of dirty cat litter and take it to our composter.
$14.95 per week

Commercial Services

Custom services designed just for commercial pet waste disposal…Doggy Day Cares, Pet Hotels, HOAs, Apartment Communities,etc. Give us a call for a quote.

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