Green Pet Compost Company is a company dedicated to making a difference.

With over 10 Million Tons of pet waste entering our landfills each year, and most of it preserved in non-biodegradable plastic, we saw a real opportunity to provide a valued service to our clients and impact our environment at the same time.

We are not your ordinary "Pooper Scooper!"

  • We recycle and reuse that which no one else will.
  • We use only natural Earth-friendly products.
  • All of our collecting is done with 100% compostable collection bags
  • We professionally compost everything we collect to upcycle pet waste into a useful product while diverting it from our landfills.
  • We have invested over $80,000 in composting equipment and spent years perfecting the process of turning pet waste into usable quality compost.

Cleaning up after our pets is messy, but leaving it behind is irresponsible.

Protect your family, enjoy your yard again and do it the environmentally-friendly way with Green Pet Compost Company.

Green Pet expands its services to Seattle!


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Green Pet Compost Company

We Now Have Our Own Brand of Doggie Bags

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They are 100% Compostable

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Green Pet Compost Company

Our Vision

We saw an opportunity to provide a service that betters our clients' lives and at the same time addresses a widely unknown issue; the amount of pet waste accumulating in our landfills each year. Being conscious of our impact on the planet is not a passing fad, we all need to lessen our footprint and this is a great way to do just that.

Protecting your family and the environment at the same time? That sounds pretty good to us...

Our Commitment

We are committed to conducting our business in a way that is environmentally aware. Recycled sales materials, paperless billing, compostable collection bags and waste composting are only a few of the ways we can make a difference.

Our commitment also extends to our clients. We are staffed by professionals that truly love animals and will always conduct themselves in a way that is courteous to your family, your residence and your pets.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to turn something bad into something good. We are producing chemical free, completely natural compost to be utilized in landscaping and gardening - with your help, bringing the process full circle.